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In the framework of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals, it is important that you read this Privacy Notice carefully:

Responsible for the protection of your personal data.

Servicios Monterrey Telecomunicaciones S.A. de C.V., with address at Martin de Zavala 610-637, El Maguey, Monterrey, N.L., is responsible for: (i) Collecting personal data (by any means possible), (ii) The use of such data; And (iii) Security and protection of the same.

Purposes for which you collect and use your personal data.

The personal data collected will be used for the following purposes: (i) Provide the requested services, as well as for the performance of related activities, (ii) To fulfill obligations contracted with customers, (iii) Evaluate the quality of the service (Vi) Give notice of changes to the present Notice of Privacy and (vii) To send notice of any changes to the conditions of provision of the services provided, (v) Billing and collection for professional services, Relevant information about their affairs.

Collection of personal data.

The collection of personal data is carried out in compliance with all the principles established by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals. Personal data may be collected directly from the owner in a personal way or through optical, sound, visual, or any other legally permitted technology, such as through emails and website.

Personal data obtained.

The personal data we collect from the holder are: - Identification data, such as: name, private address, date of birth, CURP, Fiscal Identification Card, Federal Taxpayer Registration, fixed or mobile phone number, fax, email. - Billing data, such as: entity to be charged, tax domicile and Federal Taxpayer Registration. - Financial data, such as: Method of payment, as well as information and fiscal situation.

Sensitive Data.

We inform you that it will not be collected and therefore, no sensitive personal data will be treated; For this reason, we do not ask for any authorization for the processing of sensitive personal data.


Your personal data will not be disclosed or shared with third parties (there will be no transfer of data), nor will they be given a different use than the one indicated in previous paragraphs, except for the information required by the competent authorities in terms of the applicable legislation.

ARCO rights and procedure for the exercise thereof.

As the holder of personal data, you have the right to exercise any of the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation (ARCO Rights), provided for in the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals. These are described below:

You have the right to know what personal information we have about you, for what we use and the conditions of use we give you (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information in case it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); That we remove it from our records or databases when it considers that it is not being used in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations set forth in the regulations (Cancellation); As well as oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition).

For the exercise of any of the ARCO Rights, you must submit the respective application, which may request it by sending an email to the following address: , once completed the request can physically present at our address located on Martin de Zavala 610-637, El Maguey, Monterrey, N.L. or sent to the email mentioned above.

In order to respond to your request, you must complete each and every one of the data and information requested, in addition to being signed by the holder of the personal data or, where appropriate, by his legal representative. Likewise, this request must be accompanied by a copy of the identification of the holder of the personal data (copy of voter's card, passport, military card, professional card or any other official identification) or, if applicable, Who signs the request, and in this case the document containing the representation must also be annexed.

Once the request has been submitted, the person responsible for the processing of personal data will respond to your ARCO request and the reasons for the resolution adopted in writing or through the email provided by the requester within a maximum period of 20 working days from the day on which the request Received your Request Arc. In the event that the ARCO Request is answered affirmatively or appropriately, the changes requested will be made within a maximum period of 15 working days. The person responsible may notify you within the periods referred to in this paragraph of the extension of the same, for a single time, for a period equal to the original.
The obligation to access information shall be deemed to be fulfilled when personal data are made available through the issuance of simple copies.

The person responsible may deny access to personal data, or make rectification or cancellation or grant opposition to the treatment of same, when the cases indicated in article 34 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data held by the Individuals, so you must inform you of the reason for such decision within the time limits indicated.

How can you limit the use or disclosure and / or revoke your consent for the processing of your data?

At all times, you may limit the use and disclosure of your personal data and / or revoke the consent you have given us for the treatment of the same, so that we stop using them. For this purpose, you must submit your request in writing at our address located at Martin de Zavala 610-637, El Maguey, Monterrey, N.L or by email to complying with the same requirements and the same procedure indicated for the exercise of Rights Arch

However, in the case of the revocation for the use of your personal data, it is important to note that in all cases we will not be able to attend to your request or conclude the use immediately, as it is possible that for some legal obligation we require to follow Treating your personal data. Likewise, you must consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will imply that we cannot continue to provide the service you requested.

Use of cookies and web beacons.

We inform you that on our website we use cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as an Internet user, provide you with a better service and user experience by browsing our website, as well as offering new services Based on your preferences.
The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies are as follows: time of navigation, time of navigation on our website and sections consulted. However, you may disable cookies at any time through your internet browser.

Security measures.

By the same token, this Privacy Notice makes you aware that, as part of our concern regarding the proper treatment and care of your personal data, we maintain various administrative, technical and physical security mechanisms, procedures and measures Aimed at achieving the protection of said information against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use.

Modifications to the Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Notice will always be available for your consultation, and in case of substantial or total changes in this Privacy Notice or where it is provided at the time, the updated version of the Privacy Notice will be made available to you Website

In case of any doubt regarding this Privacy Notice, you can contact the responsible by sending an email to

To whom can you submit your complaints and complaints for the improper treatment of your personal data?

If you believe that your right to personal data protection has been harmed by any conduct or omission on our part, or presumes any violation of the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals, its Regulations and other Applicable laws, may file its non-compliance or complaint with the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI). For more information, we suggest you visit its official website

Consent of the Holder.

You state that the Personal Data, that is the general and financial data that are the subject of this Notice of Privacy, have been obtained in a free, informed, voluntary and unequivocal manner and that you consent to the processing of your personal data as indicated In this Privacy Notice.